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Here is a brief list of projects currently open for investment both in launching and pre-launching phase.

Codename: HAP [Human Affinity Platform]Alien Ventures and HAP

Human Affinity Platform The power of the new generation of predictive personality algorithms.

Using the next generation of predictive algorithms HAP creates a portfolio of services targeting different sectors.

General Information:

Using an innovative affinity algorithm, users can easily check the degree of affinity they share with their contacts on social networks, or interact with strangers in these networks or platforms (games, blogs, etc..)

Human Affinty Platform supports:

- hi™ Interaction

The platform that enables you to better know yourself and discover the real affinity you have with your friends.


- HAP dating

Dating that alows meet people with real potential.


- HAP Corporate

Understand in depth what typology of professionals work on the organization and thus build the strongest and most efficient teams possible.



Website: HAP [Human Affinity Platform]

Contact AV for more information about our projects or visit the launch pad.


There are several projects [prelaunch phase]:

Code name "IF": self tracking app.
Code name "AF": development of app-centric business solutions.
Code name "YR": personal body and mind trainer.
Code name "YS": smart shopping.

Contact AV for more information or visit the launch pad.