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Here is a brief list of projects currently open for investment both in launching and pre-launching phase.

Alien Ventures current projects:

Codename: Kymatio [Kymatio]

Prediction - Prevention - Internal Security - Human Factor

Alien Ventures and Kymatio

The proposal of Kymatio is to help organizations prevent situations of risk associated with internal human resources - Insider, providing the capacity to deactivate the triggers that can lead to security incidents. Considering a GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) model, Kymatio provides information for decision making (Governance), offers the internal risk point of view and the possibility to prevent it (Risk) and, consequently, the fulfilment of internal and external regulations regarding protection of the organization's asset information (Compliance).

General Information:

Kymatio is a new concept of cybersecurity that incorporates the human factor to the technology, reaching the alignment of the protection of the information assets with the well-being of employees, fully incorporating the information security in the Corporate Social Responsibility. It is a solution that offers organizations the means to benefit:

Kymatio provides you:

- The well-being of the people that form the team.


- The protection of the asset information of the entity.



Website: Kymatio [Kymatio]

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There are several projects [prelaunch phase]:

Code name "IF": self tracking app.
Code name "AF": development of app-centric business solutions.
Code name "YR": personal body and mind trainer.
Code name "YS": smart shopping.

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