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Here is a brief list of projects currently open for investment both in launching and pre-launching phase.

Alien Ventures current projects:

Codename: SincroLab™ [SincroLab]

At Sincrolab we propose to take science from the laboratory to the clinical field in a day by day basis. We create tools that facilitate the design, implementation and management of cognitive training programs for neuropsychological intervention in learning disabilities.

Alien Ventures and SincroLab

We want to be the global cognitive training tool for learning difficulties.

General Information:

With the SincroLab app being a clinical professional will allow you to design, build, deploy, manage and monitor all possible aspects of cognitive training of your patients / students in a single application.

SincroLab™ provides you:

- SincroLab™ patients

SincroLab App is an application that alows you training both executive and attention functions.

Alien Ventures and SincroLab


- SincroLab™ Professional Audit

The platform from which the therapist has access to all the features and tools needed to manage all patient data; develop appropriate profile of each patient training; accurate oversee all results thorough and intuitive statistics panel.

Download the demom version from the AppleStore now or for more information visit

Website: SincroLab™ [SincroLab]

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There are several projects [prelaunch phase]:

Code name "IF": self tracking app.
Code name "AF": development of app-centric business solutions.
Code name "YR": personal body and mind trainer.
Code name "YS": smart shopping.

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