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Here is a brief list of projects currently open for investment both in launching and pre-launching phase.

Alien Ventures current projects:

Codename: Team Fortify [Team Fortify]

Creating success teams.

Alien Ventures and TeamFortify

Multiplies the teams success if there is true affinity between members.
TeamFortify is the analytic platform dedicated to make high performance teams by the affinity study between the team members, creating favorable conditions for cohesion, evolution and success.

General Information:

The TeamFortify team consists of talent management specialists, engineers and psychologists who have developed tools, algorithms and technological tools that allow the evaluation of multiple dimensions of the human factor to create the best teams, generating predictions of human behavior and adaptation of Candidates for posts.



Website: Team Fortify [Team Fortify]

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There are several projects [prelaunch phase]:

Code name "IF": self tracking app.
Code name "AF": development of app-centric business solutions.
Code name "YR": personal body and mind trainer.
Code name "YS": smart shopping.

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More projects...