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SincroLab™, winners at the Womenalia StartUp Day by ONO.

As our boss the smart Prostetnic Vogon said on a twitter post “You can see that I have a good eye for interesting humans…” we are very proud of the SincroLab team.



SincroLab™ is one of the projects that we are accelerating at Alien Ventures. The team finally are the winners of the Startup competition by Womenalia and Ono on Q4 2014.


The Sincrolab™ team.

about SincroLab™:

At SincroLab™ we propose to take science from the laboratory to the clinical field in a day by day basis. We create tools that facilitate the design, implementation and management of cognitive training programs for neuropsychological intervention in learning disabilities.

SincroLab™ on the news:

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by: Prostetnic.

// October 10, 2015