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We are working on...

Here is a brief list of projects currently open for investment both in launching and pre-launching phase.

Alien Ventures is focused on the development of three areas:

Startup Area:

Our goal at Alien Ventures is to help great people with great ideas build great projects.

The AV founders designed AV to be the startup partner they wish existed when they started and sold their first company.

New startups today need not only funding, but a strong technological support and more help and support than ever before. They need a community of fellow entrepreneurs to share ideas and inspiration, technologists to help building their team, mentors and coaches, legal services, and meetings to pitch angel investors and venture capitalists.

AV is structuring investments in the different projects naming them "constellations".

Constellations - Codenames:


(HAP) []


[ Information ] [ Website ]


hi!™ []

HAP for personal use

[ Information ] [ Website ]


bioPing™ []

Personal Branding Platform

[ Information ] [ Website ]



Scouz™ []

Talented People

[ Information ] [ Website ]


Monetify™ []

Monetize you

[ Information ] [ Website ]


TheFabSite™ []

Digital Fabrication

[ Information ] [ Website ]


GrandPic™ []

Social Photo Game

[ Information ] [ Website ]


Sincrolab™ []

Cognitive Training

[ Information ] [ Website ]

Development Area:

Alien Ventures are one of the forerunners in the SmartPhone Application Development and Cloud Computing Services.

Contact us if you need applications development services or visit mobalien.


Consulting Area:

Alien Ventures has extensive experience in project creation and development of mobile IT solutions so provides consulting services to companies that need to mobilize their assets and put its technology at the level of the XXI century.

Contact us if you need corporate mobile consulting services or visit mobertia.