How does AV help entrepreneurs?
Transparency. We provide you our services for a small stake in your company.
Alien Ventures will evaluate your idea and if we share the same vision on how to drive it forward we will offer you an interesting collaboration scheme.

AV provides:

- Assessment of the business opportunity.

- Writing the business plan.

- Resources:

  • Development (engineering).
  • Architecture (servers, software etc.).
  • Location/Facilities.
  • Legal advise.
  • Intellectual Property protection.
  • Coaching of founders. 

- Business development.

- Fundraising (Business Angels, VCs etc).

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Evaluation process

You only need to send us a one-paragraph pitch of your idea. Our multi-disciplinary project evaluation committee will then proceed to assess which ideas best suit our areas of expertise and to which we can be more helpful.

We will contact you right away to proceed with the confidential exchange of information, which hopefully will lead us to a close collaboration.

Plan your idea, contact us.


AV is evaluating projects for Constellation - II. More information:

[Constellation - II]