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HAP, Mobile Business Winners at IEBS

Human Affinity Platform is the winner at the IEBS contest under the category “Mobile Business”.

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship Business School contest has a noteworthy jury composed of IEBS partners such as:

SeedRocket, Ecommercenews, Eureka Starups, Marketing Directo, the magazine “Emprendedores”, Logic, LanceTalent, Spherical Pixel, Cookie Box, PickAso y Lánzame

HAP Winners at IEBS contest

HAP Winners at the IEBS contest

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Congratulations to the winners of the “HUB Emprende” Competition

We are proud to announce that our project  HAP| Human Affinity Platform (aka hi!) is the winner of the HUB Emprende Competition organised by Universidad Europea.

This is no small feat, HAP competes among the 20 finalists who had previously been filtered from the total set of projects submitted .



HUB Emprende is an initiative that forms part of the new Alcobendas University Campus to projects that would turn their entrepreneurial ideas into reality.

Winners of the Hub Emprende competition

Winners of the Hub Emprende competition

Visit the project page for more info.

Join us at the UPM investors panel!

Do we know what form of investment is best for a startup? Do we know the interests of each one of them? These and other topics in the field of investment will be discussed in this day which also try to bring together what drives an entrepreneur to seek investment and what is an investor looking from an entrepreneurial project.

“From having your own funds… to seek investment in the US”

SincroLab™, winners at the Womenalia StartUp Day by ONO.

As our boss the smart Prostetnic Vogon said on a twitter post  “You can see that I have a good eye for interesting humans…” we are very proud of the SincroLab team.

SincroLab WebSite


SincroLab™ is one of the projects that we are accelerating at Alien Ventures. The team finally are the winners of the Startup competition by Womenalia and Ono on Q4 2014.

Sincrolab team

The Sincrolab™ team.

about SincroLab™:

At SincroLab™ we propose to take science from the laboratory to the clinical field in a day by day basis. We create tools that facilitate the design, implementation and management of cognitive training programs for neuropsychological intervention in learning disabilities.

SincroLab™ on the news:

Follow this project, visit

Personal branding. How to improve your Internet presence? by Fernando Mateus

Whether you are an entrepreneur running your own company, a freelancer in search of some freelance projects, or a regular employee in a company, the benefits of building and maintaining a personal brand are enormous. Social media has taken the idea of personal branding to a whole new level, providing us with innumerable ways to build and expand the reach of the brand “You”.

Whether you are a recent graduate, a working professional or someone thinking of switching activity. In any case it is essential to take care of your fingerprint.

HR departments are focus today more in online profiles of candidates to make the selection than in a traditional curriculum, just as finding deals increasingly passes through the contacts we are able to create through Internet, called networking.
Precisely these online contacts are replacing the classic “know someone who …” among colleagues or friends. Headhunter firms are the first that are accepting this change, and willingly, since it is much easier to start a selection when you have an Internet presence.

The company Catenon Worldwide Executive Search is a good example of this change process. Catenon used Internet in 80% of the processes that take place, and “20% of jobs in Europe are achieved through professional networks. 85% of the acquisition strategy means the form in the Internet environment, “says Cristina Villanova, its marketing director, who participated in the conference Recruitment 2.0.

You are the brand
But social networks are not only a good job ocean where take the bait but also provide a wealth of information about the candidates. “Your online identity, your fingerprint, is highly informative. If you have a blog we can know your ideas and how you defend it, also your comments in other forums or how you manage your profile … All you’ve done on the Internet provides interesting facts, “says Carina Pueyo, responsible for human resources strategy Internet consultancy CapGemini, which goes further and believes that “Curricula will stop being what was to become a digital version of ourselves, our identity in the network transmitted through 2.0 channels.”



How to improve your brand online?
Well, there are four steps.
The first step is easy. Create an account on the major networks (Core) as LinkedinTwitter and Facebook. Be clear that you can only use them to manage your online roll, that is nothing to climb Old School parties or exaggerated political criticism, your profile must be “polite”. I generally recommend not post pictures and comments on the networks could not hang either in the doorway of your house.

The second step is to create online applications as a blog ( or ) and other services like those pictures and videos as and


Choosing free blog hosting

It is very distinctive when evaluating an online profile, if you use special services such as book reading apps ( or “advanced user” services online as visual network locations or


Anna Simpson´s bioPing

Third step: integration.
All services created are disconnected, it´s not possible to get an overview of a user’s online life, photographs of an event are unrelated to the videos or  articles, the comments on a social network do not provide information recommended in other places.

In order to integrate all this information and have control over the network profile you must use a hub of online applications.
There are only few, but certainly I recommend, not only because we work with bioPing´s team but for being the only one that will allow us to access the fourth and final phase.

In bioPing you can create a highly personalized profile that includes access to the platforms used in the previous phases and other custom content and links to other web pages and services. It’s how you put together all the information of a user and make visible the true identity without the usual fragmentation. With a unique style, be in control of our online presence is possible, even with its mobile version and can also have our personal mobile ready QR.


My bioPing profile

IMPORTANT: It is advisable to include links to your bioPing profile in all social networks and online platforms for search engines to give maximum weight to your profile, that way you make sure that SEO is optimal for your name (your brand).

Fourth step: feeding of different platforms from a single place.

bioPing status messages

bioPing send status messages to FB TT and LI

Now that we have all these services must be kept and “feed”. Using we can also send messages to Twitter and Facebook and Linkedin and your bioPing profile, easily periodically update our profile and services from here.

See my own profile here:

Or Kirks profile video:

What is Alien Ventures?

Alien Ventures is a platform for launching and accelerating start-ups and mobile and Internet initiatives.

An innovative platform to provide entrepreneurs with a state-of-the-art value added services and a collaborative eco-system which allows:

  • Leverage Knowledge.
  • Generation of economies of scale.
  • Reduce risks.
  • Accelarate growth.
Alien Zero Gravity works in progress

Alien Zero Gravity works in progress

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Facebook Blocks Perverts From Graph Searching For Kids

Facebook has coded some special rules into Graph Search to make sure shady adults can’t stalk minors. Today Facebook clarified that searches that could identify kids under 18 by age or location won’t return any results for strange adults.

Facebook mentioned at the Graph Search launch that there were special protections for minors, but in advance of a wider rollout of graph search, it posted some details today on how it keeps kids safe. The Graph Search restrictions are extensions of existing barriers Facebook has erected placed between adults and children, and its ban on public posts by minors.